Papers and Presentations on Foundations of Physics


  • QBism, Bohr, and the quantum omelette tossed by de Ronde, in Probing the Meaning of Quantum Mechanics: Information, Contextuality, Relationalism and Entanglement (Proceedings of the II International Workshop on Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Information: Physical, Philosophical and Logical Approaches), edited by D. Aerts, M.L. Dalla Chiara, C. de Ronde and D. Krause (World Scientific, Singapore, 2019), pp. 247–261; arXiv:1608.05780v1 [ArXiv PDF]


  • Quantum Mechanics and Experience, arXiv:1410.5916v2 [abstract, ArXiv PDF]
  • The Quantum Mechanics of Being and Its Manifestation. Cosmology Vol. 24, April 2, 2016. An extended version, containing an Appendix which the published paper lacks, is available here. While the published paper touches on various ways in which quantum mechanics does not have to do with consciousness, this Appendix concerns what quantum mechanics has to do with consciousness.
  • Quantum mechanics in a new light. Foundations of Science DOI 10.1007/s10699-016-9487-6 [abstract, ArXiv PDF, Springer link]


  • My two fateful encounters with Berge (so far), in Quantum Paths: Festschrift in Honor of Berge Englert on His 60th Birthday, edited by Hui Khoon Ng and Rui Han, pp. 228–231 (Singapore: World Scientific) [PDF].


  • Why the wave function, of all things? arXiv:1411.1145 [abstract, ArXiv PDF]
  • QBism: A Critical Appraisal, arXiv:1409.3312 [abstract, ArXiv PDF].
  • Quantum mechanics and the manifestation of the world. Invited talk at Berge Fest, a conference celebrating the 60th birthday of Berge Englert (Centre for Quantum Technologies, National University of Singapore, 22–25 April 2014), Quantum Studies: Mathematics and Foundations 1 (3–4), 195-202, DOI 10.1007/s40509-014-0017-3 [Springer link (free download)].
  • Manifesting the Quantum World, Foundations of Physics 44 (6), 641–677, DOI 10.1007/s10701-014-9803-3 [ArXiv PDF, Springer link].


  • Interpreting Bananaworld: A response to Bub’s Quantum Mechanics for Primates, arXiv:1212.3606 [abstract, PDF].
  • Radical Nonlocality, Journal of Nonlocality 1 (1) [abstract, PDF].
  • A consciousness-based model of physics, Journal of Nonlocality 1 (1) [abstract, PDF].


  • A fuzzy world, in Vision of Oneness, edited by Ignazio Licata & Ammar J. Sakaji, Aracne editrice, pp 41–61 [PDF].


  • Quantum mechanics explained. International Journal of Quantum Information 7 (1), 435–458, quant-ph/0607005 [abstract, PDF].
  • Objective probability and quantum fuzziness, Foundations of Physics 39 (2), 137–155, quant-ph/0703035 [abstract, PDF].


  • The Controversy over the Nature of Time-Symmetric Quantum Counterfactuals: A Response to Kastner. arXiv:0801.2215 [abstract, PDF].


  • Defending the Pondicherry interpretation: A response to Shafiee, Jafar-Aghdami, and Golshani, quant-ph/0611055 [abstract, PDF].
  • Is the end in sight for theoretical pseudophysics?, in New Topics in Quantum Physics Research, edited by V. Krasnoholovets and F. Columbus (Nova Science), pp. 37–58, quant-ph/0305095 [abstract, PDF].


  • The Pondicherry interpretation of quantum mechanics: An overview, PRAMANA—Journal of Physics 64 (2), 171–185, quant-ph/0412182 [abstract, PDF].
  • Comment on “Quantum physics from A to Z”, quant-ph/0508212 [abstract, PDF].


  • Do quantum states evolve? Apropos of Marchildon’s remarks, Foundations of Physics 34 (1), 75–97,quant-ph/0307113 [PDF].
  • This elusive objective existence, International Journal of Quantum Information 2 (2), 201–220, quant-ph/0401179 [PDF].
  • Probabilities from envariance?, International Journal of Quantum Information 2 (2), 221–230, quant-ph/0401180 [PDF].


  • The world according to quantum mechanics, or the 18 errors of Henry P. Stapp, Foundations of Physics 32 (2), 217–254, quant-ph/0105097 [PDF].
  • Reflections on the spatiotemporal aspects of the quantum world, Modern Physics Letters A 17 (1517), 1107–1122, quant-ph/0205058 [PDF] (invited talk at the First Meeting on the Interface of Gravitational and Quantum Realms held at IUCAA, Pune, India, December 17–21, 2001).
  • Making sense of a world of clicks, Foundations of Physics 32 (8), 1295–1311 (2002), quant-ph/0202148 [PDF].
  • Why the laws of physics are just so, Foundations of Physics 32 (8), 1313–1324 (2002), quant-ph/0202149 [PDF].


  • Objective probabilities, quantum counterfactuals, and the ABL rule: A response to R. E. Kastner, American Journal of Physics 69 (8), 864–873, quant-ph/0006116 [PDF].
  • Unveiled reality: comment on d’Espagnat’s note on measurement, quant-ph/0102103 [PDF].
  • A space for the quantum world, quant-ph/0107005 [PDF].
  • Two theories of decoherence, quant-ph/0108002 [PDF].
  • Against “knowledge”, quant-ph/0109150 [PDF].


  • What quantum mechanics is trying to tell us, American Journal of Physics 68 (8), 728–745, quant-ph/9903051 [PDF].
  • The One, the Many, and the Quantum, quant-ph/0005110 [PDF].
  • Quantum mechanics and the cookie cutter paradigm, quant-ph/0009001 [PDF].

1999 and before

  • Objectivity, retrocausation, and the experiment of Englert, Scully and Walther, American Journal of Physics 67 (4), 330–335 (1999).
  • The physics of interactionism, Journal of Consciousness Studies 6 (8–9), 165–184 (1999); reprinted in The Volitional Brain, edited by B. Libet, A. Freeman, and K. Sutherland (Imprint Academic, 1999), 165–184 [PDF].
  • Quantum mechanics and elements of reality, quant-ph/9904081 [PDF].
  • Interactionism, energy conservation, and the violation of physical laws, Physics Essays 10 (4), 651–665 (1997).
  • Restoration of interference and the fallacy of delayed choice: concerning an experiment proposed by Englert, Scully and Walther, American Journal of Physics 64 (12), 1468–1475 (1996).