1 The Mystique

In every textbook we know, quantum mechanics has been largely sanitized of these beautiful encitements and their implications. — George Greenstein & Arthur C. Zajonc

0 Probability

“In a non-deterministic world, probability has nothing to do with incomplete knowledge. Quantum mechanics is the first example in human experience where probabilities play an essential role even when there is nothing to be ignorant about.” — N. David Mermin

1 Bell’s theorem

“Any­body who’s not both­ered by Bell’s the­orem has to have rocks in his head.” — A dis­tin­guished Princeton physi­cist

2 Rules of the Game

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” — Albert Einstein

3 A scattering event

“Half of science is asking the right questions.” — Roger Bacon

4 Two slits

“It could have gone either way … and it did.” — Douglas Adams

5 Bomb testing

“No reasonable definition of reality could be expected to permit this.” — A. Einstein, B. Podolsky, and N. Rosen

6 A quantum game

“There are no ‘wheels and gears’ beneath this analysis of Nature.” — Richard Feynman

7 The GHZ experiment

“So farewell ele­ments of reality! And farewell in a hurry.” — N. David Mermin

8 The ESW experiment

“Your experience with things that you have seen before is incomplete. The behavior of things on a very tiny scale is simply different. An atom does not behave like a weight hanging on a spring and oscillating. Nor does it behave like a miniature representation of the solar system with little planets going around in orbits. Nor does it appear to be somewhat like a cloud or fog of some sort surrounding the nucleus. It behaves like nothing you have ever seen before.” — Richard Feynman

9 Influencing the past?

“As Popper has remarked, our theories are ‘nets designed by us to catch the world.’ We had better face up to the fact that quantum mechanics has landed some pretty queer fish.” — Michael Redhead

10 Identical bosons

“Anyone moving from the world of only black-and-white to the world of color is opening up the door to a new world — a world ripe with new possibilities and new expression…. This same flood of richness and freshness comes from entering the quantum world.” — Dan Styer

11 An ancient conundrum

“Advances are made by answering questions. Discoveries are made by questioning answers.” — Bernhard Haisch

12 Quantum statistics

“Anyone who is not shocked by quantum theory has not understood it.” — Niels Bohr

13 Quantum coins and dice

“No accept­able expla­na­tion for the mirac­u­lous iden­tity of par­ti­cles of the same type has ever been put for­ward. That iden­tity must be regarded, not as a triv­i­ality, but as a cen­tral mys­tery of physics.” — C.W. Misner, K.S. Thorne, and J.A. Wheeler